What You Should Do When Your SEO Ranking Suddenly Drops

If your SEO ranking suddenly drops, the first thing you should do is to assess whether it is temporary or not. Check whether your site has suffered from any external factors, like national holidays. If it is temporary, make sure you check it again over the next few weeks. Otherwise, it could just be a matter of bad luck. Check if your site has any errors. If so, you should try to fix them.

Another reason why your SEO ranking suddenly drops is a recent algorithm change. A recent algorithm update by Google changed the way it evaluates businesses. The updated algorithm rewards sites that focus on producing top-quality content and delivering great user experience. For example, Google’s new mobile-first indexing strategy targeted sites in specific niches, and those sites that are not responsive to mobile devices will drop in SERPs.

Using the Google Search Console to optimize your site’s visibility can also help you diagnose problems. Its data can provide basic diagnostics of your website’s indexing status, which can help you fix your SEO ranking quickly. Checking Google Search Console for errors is essential for every website owner. Once you’ve cleaned up your website, the problem will go away. This may take a couple of days or even weeks, but it’s worth checking if your site’s rankings have dropped for no reason.

When you notice your SEO ranking suddenly falling, try to figure out why it happened. First, check if there have been any high-impact changes recently. If there has been a sudden change in your website, it’s probably a technical issue. If your ranking has dropped dramatically, you should try to identify the cause. Check Google Analytics to identify the exact manual action and follow instructions to recover.

Another reason your SEO ranking has suddenly dropped is a new, highly similar competitor. Rankings on search engines take time to build, so it’s possible for a brand new competitor to overtake your business in a short period of time. If this is the case, the outranking business might have made some recent changes to their website, outsourced link building, or used a cheap SEO service to boost their ranking.

The most obvious reason for a ranking drop could be the same as your competition. You might have had a good amount of backlinks in the past, but your competitors have been outranking you in a short time. You may be losing more backlinks than they do. This can negatively impact your traffic and conversions. Moreover, your competition may have taken over authority URLs and featured snippets.

An algorithm change may be the cause for your SEO ranking drop. There have been many changes in the algorithms of search engines, including the Panda and Penguin updates. Although most algorithm updates have gradual effects on your rankings, you may have experienced a dramatic drop over night. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand the changes that Google has made. You must ensure your site hasn’t been penalized as a result of one of these changes.